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Zero Gravity X1 Drone


Zero Gravitys x1-HD drone delivers razor-sharp response and a long-range 2.4GHz remote control for tons of high-flying fun. The drone also boasts six-axis gyroscopic stabilization, as well as the ability to perform gravity-defining flips and rolls while capturing photos and videos in high definition from a birds-eye-view. 2.4GHz remote frequency Built-in HD camera for photo and video. Automatic trim function for flight stability. Six-axis gyro stabilizer. High-performance hovering. Stunts are easier than ever to perform, just a flick of the finger on the long-range 2.4 GHz remote controller and you will be doing flips and rolls like a pro! Remote control requires 6 AA batteries, not included. Includes Zero Gravity x1HD drone with remote control, 4GB microSD card and reader, extra rotors.

Minimum Order Quantity: 12 pcs

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